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Love Fell On Me

Album: Love Fell On Me      Released: June 18, 2013     

Shelea wrote & co-wrote every track on Love Fell On Me, which was co-produced by her longtime collaborator Tony Shepperd, owner of Breath of Life whose mixing and engineering credits include Houston, Quincy Jones, Take 6 and Lionel Richie. The album’s title track is a new version of the intimate, jazz-influenced tune that was the lead song on the soundtrack to the 2011 film Jumping the Broom; it features Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The original recording of the song was so popular among the movie’s fans that when The View co-host Sherri Shepherd was looking for a wedding song, her Twitter followers overwhelmingly suggested Shelea. The singer would go on to sing another original, “I’m Sure It’s You,” at Shepperd’s wedding.

“Because I’ve been influenced by so many different styles of music, from classical, gospel and R&B to jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, figuring out who I am as an artist, genre-wise, has been a unique challenge,” says Shelea, a native of Redwood City, California who grew up in Bakersfield. “I originally had two cool big band tunes ready to go, but ultimately the R&B/pop direction we chose for the project led us not to use them. Conceptually, I decided to approach it as a big long journey through love, both lost and found. I wanted to tell a story, and the genres weren’t as important because my vocals are the thread that ties everything together.


I thought I had it all together
always a couple steps ahead
I knew the game of love like the back of my hand
But since you cast your spell
I haven’t been myself
Don't know my up from my down
or my right from my left

I'm scared while I'm happy
I miss you before you leave
You wouldn't recognize me now
I question where you're going
can’t hear a song without crying
I didn’t fall babe
Love fell on me

So what have I got to loose,
But not that I could choose.
You got me on a one track mind
My world is torn apart
The day you broke my heart
I belong to you ,there’s nothing I could do but love you


Repeat chorus

I didn’t fall babe,
Love fell on me.(3x)